Watching a Trump Rally

I wrote this on my Facebook on March 1, 2016.

He was later elected to be the President of the United States.

“Yesterday my son and I were watching CNN for a few minutes…long enough to see footage of more violence at a Trump rally. We watched as that man pointed to a pretty young woman with long dark hair who was standing up in the crowd and he shouts to her “Hey! Are you Mexican?” l thought we were about to witness harm brought to this girl. It was so repugnant we turned the TV station. Later the news reported black students removed and a photographer choked by his secret service. I saw where in one rally he demanded the fire company to ignore fire code to let more people in the area to see him. (My son is a local volunteer fireman.It’s about safety for the people.)

I totally get hating our government and how things are done, but putting citizens in harm’s way is ethically and morally wrong. He is not acting Christian despite his claim of being one. His followers, like the Klan, kill people. The hatred at his rallies is upsetting.

It’s impossible for many of us to support his approach to our country’s issues when every impulse and decision is driven by hatred, bigotry, violence and fury. A true leader is none of those.

Watching a Trump Rally

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