Dear Whoever You Are

Willow Meets Aspen

My mother believed in tree spirits. She would wrap her arms around trees to hug them. When my daughter was an infant, my mother had us place her inside a baby backpack and we watched as my mother walked into a grove of tall trees, saying, “I want to introduce my grand daughter to the […]

Watching a Trump Rally

I wrote this on my Facebook on March 1, 2016. He was later elected to be the President of the United States. “Yesterday my son and I were watching CNN for a few minutes…long enough to see footage of more violence at a Trump rally. We watched as that man pointed to a pretty young […]

The Horse That Sold Real Estate

We thought we were at the right place, but a retired racehorse named Germaniac had different plans for us. One moment it was the spring of 2014 and we were moving into a brand new house with colors we picked and shiny new appliance packages with those yellow energy savings stickers slapped onto them. Three […]

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