About Grama Willow

It is just two days before the November 8 Blood Moon and total eclipse that astrologers and spiritually tapped in people say will be revolutionary and powerful. It is also true that my first grandchild is about to be born.

I was asked what I want to be called. Apparently, you can choose your name. In my family it was always “grama”, so I knew no different.

Willow trees are one of my favorite trees. As a child I would dance beneath one that grew nearby and I would play house there, dressed up in long gowns and high heels. This would have been around 1963, when I was at least in kindergarden and planning plays and musicals.

In the third grade I was a budding poet and short story writer.

By college I studied journalism and creative writing. My professor told me I would need to choose one of them.

I never finished college or got my degree. It was 1983 and the new President made sure my transfer to Temple University would never happen.

There were several names for me after that.

Today, I decided to return to where my world made sense and I was in my purest joyful self. As Grama Willow I write.

Creative writing won.

— Kim Krause Berg

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